Terms of purchase

General Conditions of Purchase

  1. Conditions of purchase define the rules, for both the Seller’s and the Buyer’s part, for successful sales transactions through Internet Shop of the Bitef Theatre (hereinafter: Seller). The conditions of purchase also define consequences that the Seller and the Buyer may bear in case they do not follow the given rules. Seller shall keep the right to change the general conditions of purchase concerning new developments regarding demand and legal regulations; therefore, before each purchase one should check information regarding general conditions of purchase.
  2. Internet Shop of the Seller shall allow ticket purchase by payment cards, with the following limitations: Internet Shop of the Seller shall accept VISA, MasterCard and DinaCard; the cards approved for payment via Internet by banks that issue them and allow payment via Internet. In case you are not sure if your payment card supports this option, please check with the bank that issued the card. Only the payment cards issued in the country of your residence shall be accepted. The amount in question shall be reserved during the process of ordering, while the Buyer’s account shall be charged only after the purchase is over.
  3. The Buyer’s bank statement shall indicate that the amount was transferred to Banca Intesa’s account; Banca Intesa is the company that provides the service of Internet transactions.
  4. It is necessary to register and remain logged into the system in order to buy tickets through the Internet Shop of the Seller.
  5. The Buyer shall buy tickets for performances of the Seller from the website of the Seller. The purchase process is limited to 15 minutes between ordering and finalising payment for tickets. A Buyer may order 6 tickets at the most in a single transaction. In case a Buyer does not finalise payment process within the given time, the purchase procedure shall be cancelled if purchased seats become unavailable.
  6. The Seller shall guarantee the price given on the day of the purchase, regardless of potential change of the price before the ticket shall be picked up or the time of performance.
  7. In case there shall be an error during the purchase procedure (for instance, loss of Internet connection or unavailability of payment card processor…), the Buyer’s account shall not be charged.
  8. After purchase, a Buyer may check the purchase status by his/her email or by checking the status of his/her account on website of the Seller.
  9. The Bitef Theatre guarantees non-disclosure of information to the Buyer on behalf of Banca Intesa, the agent for mediation in cashless transfers for the internet shop.

Obtaining the Purchased Tickets

  1. Purchased tickets shall be obtained at the Seller’s box office prior to a performance, 15 minutes before the performance at the latest. In case a Buyer does not take over the purchased tickets until the given deadline, the Seller shall keep the amount paid by the buyer in full, the buyer shall not have the right for a refund, except in case of a complaint as given in the Procedure in Case of Complaint.
  2. The Buyer shall use the CODE, received in the confirmation mail after the purchase of tickets from the website of the Seller, for identification.

Procedure in Case of Complaint

  1. Complaint procedure shall be launched in two cases: if the Buyer approaches the Seller with a written complaint, 48 hours prior to the performance at the latest; and in case a financial institution that issued the card shall approach Banca Intesa system regarding the transaction.
  2. In case Banca Intesa system shall approve the complaint, the funds shall be reimbursed in full to the Buyer through VISA, MasterCard or Maestro systems within 8 days upon the approval.
  3. In case the lodged complaint shall be approved, the costs of complaint procedure shall be the responsibility of Internet Sales of the Seller and the Buyer shall have no costs.
  4. The Seller shall have the responsibility to reimburse the funds in cases of approved complaints only through VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment methods.

Reimbursement Procedure

  1. In cases when the Buyer, Internet Sales of the Seller, or Banca Inesa AD. shall cancel a transaction before deadline of 48 hours since the actual transaction, reimbursement may take place.
  2. In case the cause of reimbursement is a bank’s electronic system – full amount shall be reimbursed to the Buyer within 8 days.
  3. In case the cause of reimbursement shall not be a bank’s electronic system, sales commission fee shall be kept.
  4. In case a performance for which a Buyer has already purchased ticket/s shall be cancelled – full amount shall be reimbursed to the Buyer within 8 days.
  5. Refunds are conducted strictly trough VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment methods, meaning that the Bank will refund customer's account upon Company's request.

Security Of Credit Card Payments

All credit card information is submitted on the protected webpage owned and managed by the Bank. Data security is guaranteed by the credit card processor, where complete payment process take place. Seller, nor Banca Intesa who provide online credit card processing on behalf of the Seller will not have access to your credit card data at any time.

All confidential information is transfered in encrypted form using SSL and PKI systems, the most advanced protection methods available. Data safety is guaranteed by Banca Intesa as credit card processor. The whole payment process is conducetd on bank's pages and are not available to our system at any time.

Refunds are conducted strictly trough VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment methods, meaning that the Bank will refund customer's account upon Company's request.

Collection And Protection Of Personal Data

Your privacy is our priority. We are committed to protecting your personal information at all times, in all situations. Your name and address information is used solely to process bookings unless your prior consent is given. This information will never be sold, given, rented or traded to others for purposes other than order fulfillment. Data is available only to authorised officers of the Transfer provider company. All of our employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principle of protection of privacy.

Merchant info

Title: Bitef Theatre
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Activity code: 9001
VAT No.: 100061814

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