How to purchase

Log into system

  1. If you want to buy tickets or to book them, you have to be logged into the system.
  2. If you are not registered with us, you must register first. For registration it is minimum necessary to enter your own name and surname, e-mail address and a desired access password.  

Tickets purchase

  1. There is a button “BUY” next to each play which has available tickets. When you press that button, the hall with marked seats which you can buy will open.  By simple clicking on the opened field you mark the tickets which you want to buy and if you repeat clicking on the ticket, it will be removed from the list.
  2. If you want to buy tickets for more plays at once, after selecting the tickets you should change the play at the bottom of the page and mark the tickets which you want to buy for that play as well. 
  3. You can buy maximum 6 tickets in one purchase.
  4. After each selection,at the top you can see a button with basket and number of chosen tickets. Press that button after you have selected the tickets and the page with your shopping cart will open.

Shopping cart

  1. Next to each ticket in the cart there is an option to remove it from the cart. At the end of a tickets list there is a total amount that should be paid.
  2. If you do not want to buy any of the selected tickets, press the button “Delete all tickets”.
  3. If you want to buy more tickets, press the button “Select more tickets”
  4. When you finish your selection, press the button “Continue to payment”.


  1. On this page you will get information and instructions for further procedure, as well as contact information in case of payment problems. 
  2. You must click on the "Pay" button within 15 minutes, otherwise the order will be canceled.
  3. When you click the pay button, you will be redirected to the protected bank page where you will enter your payment card details.
  4. Bitef Theatre has no insight into those details.
  5. After payment you will be redirected back to the tickets sale portal of the Opera &Theatre Madlenianum with information about successful or unsuccessful transaction.

Collecting tickets

  1. After a successful transaction, on the page of the Bitef Theatre where you are redirected, you will see a list of the tickets you have paid as well as the code you can collect the tickets with at the Box Office.
  2. You will also receive an e-mail with a list of paid tickets and a code for their collecting, as well as a QR code with which you can enter the shows without printing tickets.
  3. You can collect the tickets no later than 15 minutes before the start of the play.